Whether you are forced to file an appeal or petition for writ of certiorari or otherwise forced to defend an appeal or petition, Attorney Heather A. Harwell can guide you through the process with knowledge and experience that can improve your chances of success.  


Attorney Heather A. Harwell has handled civil appeals for over 20 years involving debt matters, Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act matters, insurance, contract issues, personal injury and attorney's fee matters, representing appellants, petitioners, appellees and respondents.  Handling appeals requires knowledge not only regarding to appellate rules and procedures but knowledge of the issues being appealed.  When you expect that you will need to appeal an order or that the other side will be appealing an order, it is best to consult with an appellate attorney to make sure that you have properly preserved all your arguments and to guide your compliance with the the strict time requirements involved with appeals.




Family Law and Divorce Matters are often contentious, resulting in one if not several appeals.  Given the voluminous and ever-changing law applicable to family law and divorce issues as well as the complicated rules requiring compliance, one should not attempt an appeal or defense of an appeal without the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable appellate attorney.

Attorney Heather A. Harwell focused her practice in the areas of family law, divorce and domestic relations for several years.  This experience together with her appellate experience allows her to understand the collateral issues that need to be addressed along with the appeals.  Most particularly, due to the amount of time an appeal may be pending, issues regarding enforcement or modification may arise during the appeal.  Knowing which issues may still be pursued while the appeal is pending will assist you in the prosecution or defense of these issues.  The Law Office of Heather A. Harwell, P.A. offers flat fee and payment plans for the handling of appeals.  



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